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Whenever we fall sick, our first instinct is to run to our mothers. Not that our dads don’t care, just that they never really paid attention to this thing. They will buy you medicines but will not be the one to sit by your bed and sing you to sleep when you are down with flu. Health is a matter of great concern and everyone in the family has to be just as conscious and just as informed about the importance of a healthy life style.

Young Dad’s Health Care wants every single member of the family to respond to the awareness camps, health checks, local seminars and road shows. There are many community related diseases that can be fought from the root only when every member of the family is just as involved. We deal with some of the most common health issues encountered in the community.

Substance Abuse/Alcohol

We know the peer pressure from what we see or read. Our kids live in that pressure day in and day out. It is extremely important that they know the side effects and long term health implications of substance abuse as well as alcohol. Teenagers now do things under the influence of other teens who urge the other person to try alcohol or drugs at an early age to be accepted in the social circles.


The most common and deadliest disease that can be contracted due to be being uninformed. Today there are kids that are overexposed to sexual content and are only curious but not aware that their simple misstep can be a disease that can eventually take their lives also. The parents are urged to have a “talk” with their sons and daughters to educate them on matters of safe sex.

Environmental Quality

We have also seen many respiratory diseases that are a direct consequence of air pollution. Therefore, as a community it is our responsibility to keep our environment clean so that we can give a healthy environment to ourselves as well as our family members.

Physical Activity

Our body is a structure that needs constant movement and refuelling for it to function at its full potential. We have to ensure that we give it appropriate fuel for it to keep functioning. This is where the role of healthy eating and exercising on a daily basis. 

Young Dad’s Health Care is a strong community based initiative that realises the importance of a healthy lifestyle and wants people to realise it too. The above listed conditions are completely avoidable but in case of negligence can also result in death. It is our duty to make the best of advocacy as a means to take information to as many people as possible. 

Life is too short to make mistakes that can cause your health to suffer. Keep yourself strong and fit to enjoy what this beautiful world has to offer and make sure that if you are on a healthy path, you enrol as many other people as possible too.


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