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Premature Ejaculation-How to Resolve the Problem

Approximately 30% of the men population experience premature ejaculation at one point, which brings about great distress.

If ejaculation takes place between the first 30 to 240 seconds of intercourse, it is regarded as premature. This depends on distinct experts, cultures or countries. Nonetheless, it appears that most of them support that premature ejaculation is that which takes place in below 2 minutes. You can go online to learn more on ejaculatory problems.

Definition of Premature Ejaculation

This is ejaculation which takes place too early for the people involved to enjoy intercourse. P.E is classified into primary/ lifelong or secondary/ acquired.

Primary PE begins early, normally at the teenage years during your initial experience. It is difficult to cure and mostly has psychological courses. It may be caused by such bad habits as masturbation in a hurry to avoid being caught.

Secondary PE begins later. It normally comes due to physical problems like hypertension or diabetes; or psychological issues.

How to Delay Ejaculation

Some of the home remedies include masturbation hours before intercourse, frequent intercourse or having your partner on top.

Thicker condoms: they make the penis less sensitive.

Behavioral strategies: such as squeeze and start-stop. These are short term remedies. The two methods require a long time of practice or permanent practice. About, 50% - 95% of those who use these methods eventually get cured. P.E may recur in case of stress or change of partner. The techniques work best for sensitive rather than anxious men. Sensitive men can use EMLA or Priligy to lower sensitivity. The drugs don’t treat the cause; they treat the actual problem.

Behavioral Techniques for Delaying Orgasm

They are the squeeze method and start-and-stop. Use the two methods together with sexual advice and medicine such as oral tablets e.g. Priligy and anesthetic cream e.g. EMLA.

 "Start-Stop" Method

It is the simplest method, which you can practice on your own or with your partner. It involves exciting your penis and stopping before ejaculation. Begin the process again after 30-60 seconds, and repeat 4-5 times. Allow yourself to ejaculate the last time. Most partners and couples think of it as frustrating and inconveniencing. Use it smoothly during sex and think of the pleasure as you pause, not your penis.

 "Squeeze" Method

 Also referred to as Masters-Johnson technique, this method involves squeezing the penis between the glans and shaft for around 30 seconds before ejaculation. It may decrease your erection till you get stimulated again. Repeat this 4-5 times till you decide to ejaculate. This process can be successful after a long time of practice.

The notion behind this method is that, you will eventually identify the best time for ejaculation. This method, however, can disrupt intercourse, hence leading to frustration.

Alternative Options

Use these other techniques along with squeeze and start-stop:

• Thinking of other things: try something annoying, boring or distracting

• Breathe hard before ejaculation:  it slows down stimulation and ejaculation

Mind Your Partner

Longer foreplay delays ejaculation and satisfies your partner more. It can make your relationship better as it lowers frustration, dissatisfaction and anxiety related to sexual performance.

A Lot Of Pressure Can Lead To P.E.

Communication helps you solve any problems regarding your needs as well as your partner’s needs. 

The Best Solutions

Thick condoms:  They lower the level of sensitivity of your penis. Think of different forms of sexual pleasures:  It helps decrease anxiety; helping you control ejaculation.

In Conclusion

According to privatedoctordirect.com, premature ejaculation is a frequently occurring condition which makes orgasm takes place too soon. This means that it does not allow for sexual enjoyment. Ejaculation is regarded as premature if it takes place in less than two minutes.

This condition does not have a cure, but there are practices and treatments that can be used to prevent P.E. Note that the most successful remedy for men is the use of all these methods together with psychological advice if necessary. In most cases, this problem is solved by dealing with stress, anxiety as well as the bad habits that lead to early ejaculation.

The treatments for P.E are in two forms. EMLA Cream helps numb your penis’ sensitivity to reduce high stimulation, hence delaying ejaculation. Dapoxetine or Priligy is an oral tablet which is taken before intercourse. This drug, on average, is seen to increase the period before ejaculation by three. You can check out reputable suppliers online and fill out a simple questionnaire; you will get your prescription for Priligy or EMLA cream, which can be delivered at home. When dealing with reputable suppliers, keep in mind that all the drugs are 100% real and are carefully packed by a pharmacy registered in the UK for shipping.

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