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The Causes and Cures of Non Specific Urethritis

Have You Ever Wondered Why STIs are so Dangerous?

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) are quite dangerous in the sense that they don’t show many symptoms but can prove dangerous if left untreated in the long run. It’s not just that STIs are a danger to the person that gets infected but are a danger to anyone who has unprotected sex with an individual who is already infected. So, you might be carrying an infection that can be sexually transmitted and becoming a cause for harm not only for yourself but for others too due to any STI.

Non Specific Urethritis, also called NSU is a condition which causes inflammation in the urethra.  Urethra is a part of the urinary mechanism with it being the pipe that connects the tip of the penis with the bladder.  The word ‘non specific’ is added with urethritis to define the condition in order to specifically state that the root cause of the condition is not Gonorrhea. This is also one reason why the condition is also called Non Gonococcal Urethritis.  You can find more information on NSU here. 

Causes of Non Specific Urethritis

There can be a few causes for non specific urethritis. They include:

The thing to understand is that it is possible that NSU gets diagnosed without the presence of any of these germs. This leads to the conclusion that Non Specific Urethritis may not actually be transmitted sexually if the condition has been caused without the presence of any infectious bacteria. However, the thing that should be understood is that precaution should be taken if one gets diagnosed with non specific urethritis so that there is no chance that you will get someone else infected. 

Symptoms of Non Specific Urethritis

Unlike most of the other STIs, non specific urethritis does show some symptoms. These symptoms include:

Difficulty in passing urine with certain pain felt too in some cases. 

A small quantity of discharge that would be seen as a stain on the underclothes.

More frequent trips to washroom in order to pee even with a similar amount of water intake. 

Itching in the region of the urinary pipe. 

Non specific urethritis itself can’t affect women though it is possible that if the infection is passed onto them in the form of bacteria like ureaplasma, they might develop some symptoms too. The usual symptom is vaginal discharge that has no relation with vaginal discharge during a period. The fact of the matter is that the presence of ureaplasma in the body can be extremely dangerous for women since if it stays in the body for too long, it can lead towards infertility. Ureaplasma can be harmful in pregnancy too. 

Diagnosis of Non Specific Urethritis

Doctors can diagnose non specific urethritis with a test. The thing is that the symptoms of NSU are basically similar to that of gonorrhea and are somewhat similar to Chlamydia too. This is why whenever such symptoms are described to doctors; they usually do a test for NSU. 

The procedure for the test is simple and requires you to not pee at all for 2 hours before the test. You would be required to provide a sample during the test while some fluid will also be extracted from your penis in an entirely non-painful manner. The results of this test would decide whether you have NSU or not. 

The idea is to look for inflammation and if there are any signs of inflammation from the samples gathered, you will be diagnosed with NSU. In case no inflammation is found then further tests would be done in order to check for other STIs. 

Treatment of Non Specific Urethritis

The treatment of NSU not only involves the use of antibiotics but also involves a lot of precautionary measures. Azithromycin or Doxycycline are the treatment choices with the doctor deciding which of the antibiotics would be better for you from your medical history. Both the antibiotics have proven effective in treating the condition. If you don’t want to schedule an appointment with a doctor in a hospital, you can always schedule an online appointment so as to get the prescription for the medicines. Antibiotics for NSU can be obtained from theonlineclinic.co.uk

It is important to remember that it’s not just about taking the antibiotics. You will also be recommended to not drink alcohol and to avoid sex till the time you have finished the antibiotics course. It would also be wise for you to get your partner tested for STIs so as to ensure that he/she hasn’t got the infection from you. This way you ensure that both you and your partner can receive the required the required treatment.

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