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Young People Ignorant About STIs

The Importance of Sexual Health

Sexual health is an extremely important topic though most people shy away from talking about it while many simply don’t give it any importance. Just like it’s important for you to take care of your heart so that your body remains healthy, it’s important that you keep tabs on your sexual health so that you don’t contract any infection or disease that would affect your sexual life, that would impact your physical health and that endanger the lives of people you interact with. 

The fact that people don’t think about their sexual health so much and don’t want to discuss it at all leads to the ignorance as far as sexual diseases and infections is concerned. There are a number of people who simply don’t know about STDs and STIs and how they spread. Without basic knowledge about common STIs, it is greatly possible that you might not be taking the precautions necessary to ensure that you don’t get one such infection. It is also greatly possible that you might already be infected but may not know about it since you don’t give your sexual health much importance and can’t realize the symptoms of an infection you don’t even know about. And when you won’t know about the risk of any such infection, getting yourself tested is obviously not something that will cross your mind.

Extent of Ignorance about STIs

As already stated, knowing about STIs is very important as there is no way you can know about protection against STIs, testing for STIs and precautions for STIs if you won’t know about the STIs themselves. It is amazing how ignorant people are about their sexual health and about the STIs which can put their sexual health in jeopardy.

According to a recent study done in the UK:

Around 53% people are of the opinion that STIs can spread through sitting on toilet seats used by an infected individual rather than spreading through sustained contact of any kind.

Around 36% of the respondents of the study commented that they have never taken a test for STI even though they remain sexually active. 

18% of the people believe that if you use a condom during sex then there is no way possible to get infected with a STI. 

Around 9% of the people think of Chlamydia as a flower even though it is one of the most common STIs in the UK. 

Around 31% believe that complete sexual intercourse with an infected individual is the only way to catch an STI.

Around 15% of the people believe that syphilis is not a STI but the name of a rock or heavy metal band.

The lack of knowledge is one of the biggest reasons for the increase in cases of STIs in the UK. Syphilis was one of the diseases which saw a rapid increase with the number of cases of Syphilis increasing by 33% from a year ago while Gonorrhea wasn’t far behind and there was an increase of 19% in cases of Gonorrhea from a year ago. See this article for further information

Information about STIs

It is important to know a few things about STIs so that you can get yourself tested. The things that you should know about include:

If you would have Chlamydia information, you would know about it’s main symptoms and causes and would thus, have no issues in identifying that you might have Chlamydia. This would prompt you to get a test and then get proper treatment too. The same goes with Gonorrhoea information and Syphilis information as you can easily get yourself tested for these infections if you would know about their symptoms and would know how to check for these infections. 

Testing for STIs

One of the most important aspects of STIs is their tests. Sometimes, it becomes obvious that you have a sexual issue which might be caused by a STI. The normal symptoms for most STIs are similar and include unexplained discharge from the penis or vagina. Whenever you find this out, it’s important to get yourself tested.

The problem most people face is that they feel uncomfortable about telling their doctor. However, in the age of internet, this isn’t a problem anymore as you can buy a fast STI test online. The kit would arrive at your home with instructions on how to give the sample. Once you would send the sample, your test would be returned to you only. Many online testing clinics even offer discreet treatments for people who test positive and need to have treatment. In fact, treatments can be delivered to your home in a safe and confidential manner. 


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