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Functional Cure Possible for HIV

What is HIV?

HIV which stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus is a blood-borne virus that is quite difficult to get but is easily transmitted through penetrative sexual contact or contaminated medical equipment. The reason why it is called Human Immunodeficiency Virus is because:

It can only infect human beings.

Koala Chlamydia Vaccine

What is Chlamydia?

Chlamydia is one of the most common and widely spread sexually transferred diseases. It is caused by the Chlamydia trachomatis bacterium and mostly infects the cervix in women and the penis in men. Although this disease is curable, it is very difficult to be detected because the majority of men and women who have this disease do not show any symptoms at all. Because of a lack of symptoms, it is very easy for this disease to be sexually transferred to others. In addition, if the disease goes untreated, it can cause serious health issues especially for women. Many women become infertile because their womb and fallopian tubes become infected due to untreated chlamydia.

In cases where there are symptoms of chlamydia, the symptoms include vaginal discharge, burning or stinging sensation when urinating, irregular bleeding and pain during sexual intercourse in women. In men, the symptoms include discharge from the penis, stinging or burning when urinating and pain in the scrotum and testicles. Read More...

The Causes and Cures of Non Specific Urethritis

Have You Ever Wondered Why STIs are so Dangerous?

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) are quite dangerous in the sense that they don’t show many symptoms but can prove dangerous if left untreated in the long run. It’s not just that STIs are a danger to the person that gets infected but are a danger to anyone who has unprotected sex with an individual who is already infected. So, you might be carrying an infection that can be sexually transmitted and becoming a cause for harm not only for yourself but for others too due to any STI.

Non Specific Urethritis, also called NSU is a condition which causes inflammation in the urethra.  Urethra is a part of the urinary mechanism with it being the pipe that connects the tip of the penis with the bladder.  The word ‘non specific’ is added with urethritis to define the condition in order to specifically state that the root cause of the condition is not Gonorrhea. This is also one reason why the condition is also called Non Gonococcal Urethritis.  You can find more information on NSU here. 

Causes of Non Specific Urethritis

There can be a few causes for non specific urethritis. They include: Read More...

Young People Ignorant About STIs

The Importance of Sexual Health

Sexual health is an extremely important topic though most people shy away from talking about it while many simply don’t give it any importance. Just like it’s important for you to take care of your heart so that your body remains healthy, it’s important that you keep tabs on your sexual health so that you don’t contract any infection or disease that would affect your sexual life, that would impact your physical health and that endanger the lives of people you interact with. 

The fact that people don’t think about their sexual health so much and don’t want to discuss it at all leads to the ignorance as far as sexual diseases and infections is concerned. There are a number of people who simply don’t know about STDs and STIs and how they spread. Without basic knowledge about common STIs, it is greatly possible that you might not be taking the precautions necessary to ensure that you don’t get one such infection. It is also greatly possible that you might already be infected but may not know about it since you don’t give your sexual health much importance and can’t realize the symptoms of an infection you don’t even know about. And when you won’t know about the risk of any such infection, getting yourself tested is obviously not something that will cross your mind.

Extent of Ignorance about STIs

As already stated, knowing about STIs is very important as there is no way you can know about protection against STIs, testing for STIs and precautions for STIs if you won’t know about the STIs themselves. It is amazing how ignorant people are about their sexual health and about the STIs which can put their sexual health in jeopardy. Read More...

Premature Ejaculation-How to Resolve the Problem

Approximately 30% of the men population experience premature ejaculation at one point, which brings about great distress.

If ejaculation takes place between the first 30 to 240 seconds of intercourse, it is regarded as premature. This depends on distinct experts, cultures or countries. Nonetheless, it appears that most of them support that premature ejaculation is that which takes place in below 2 minutes. You can go online to learn more on ejaculatory problems.

Definition of Premature Ejaculation


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